London Year of the Bus Sculpture Trail Competition

Year of the Bus Sculpture Trail Competition.

In June 2014, in connection with Year of the Bus, Transport for London organised a competition for an art sculpture trail. The competition was inspired by the New Routemaster bus (designed by Thomas Heatherwick) and was supported by Wild in Art. The challenge for designers was to propose any design, painted or mounted on the new bus sculpture. The winning designs will be painted or constructed in August and then displayed across London’s streets.
Artworks, after the exhibition, will be sold and monies will fund three charities: Transaid, Kinds Company and London Transport Museum.


Pawel Srokowski (Designer) explains his design concept.

On the 16th of July there was a Year of the Bus, Sculpture Trail preview and art matching event. During the event 74 designs were exhibited in the London Transport Museum. Each participant could vote for three designs, which from his/her opinion were best and worth introducing  to sponsors. Moreover, after introducing all three charities to the audience, one design was chosen as a winner.
The best artwork was designed by Pawel Srokowski from Srokowski Design Ltd. A bus sculpture, named Invisible to the Environment, was created as a mosaic made of reused broken mirrors, stuck to a three dimensional model of the New Bus. The design gives an unbelievable feel of invisibility. As it is made of recycled materials it is friendly to the environment – EcoFriendly as the New Bus is, more economical and almost transparent to the environment. The sculpture made of small pieces of mirrors, gives a unique expression from each point of view. The sunlight reflects repeatedly during the whole day, which gives a unique play of lights and shadows in every hour.
Pawel Srokowski is a young designer who has experience with architectural and graphic design, photography and painting. To see more samples of his work visit:

Srokowski_Design_Pawel_Srokowski_Bus_Art_PhotoLeon Daniels (TfL’s Managing Director for Surface Transport) and Pawel Srokowski (Designer at Srokowski Design Ltd.) are staying close to the winning design.

Srokowski_Design_Pawel_Srokowski_Bus_Art_Design_MThe best artwork: “Invisible to the Environment”, designed by Pawel Srokowski

(part of the artwork)

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